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Emo lyrics for emo princess's and prince's

for us to express ourselves through music..

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This community was created so that girls like me and boi's can show how they feel through music. emo music to be exact. Just email me and I will evaluate and let you know if your a member but its not hard to join just tell me a few things about yourself.
So email me at toomanytearshavefallennow@yahoo.com with the following and ill add you as quick as possible.

1.your name
2.your age
3.why do you want to join?
4.why do you love emo music?
5.whats some of your favorite bands?

Im sure everyone will become a member that wants to become one. thanks.

also if one day you feel irritated or mad you can put any song in here even if its punk or rock or hardcore its okay this is for us. Its not strictly emo just mostly emo.

thats all it takes. This isnt complicated just want to know what your about before I let anyone enter.

Thanks lotts,
<3emoprincess a.k.a~jen